Greetings to all my friends, spiritual children, and well wishers!


Yes, the years have come and gone and I have been contemplating the wonder of it all. How God has manifested Himself over and over and proven to be true, strong, and almighty. The years have shown me that I am a debtor to those who have criticized and stood against me, for they forced me to be strong. Those who have forsaken me because of envy or strife pr other reason, or those who tried to prevent me from succeeding, only prompted my reaching out to others. “I am a debtor both to the Greek and to the Barbarian: both to the wise and to the unwise.” (Romans 1:14)


All the days of my life I have had to fight one battle after another, both for physical and spiritual survival, but even before I experienced the new birth, the hand of the Lord was upon me, guiding  my path to safety. Even though I have known danger and stood next to death, God has been good to me. I have fought with “Kings of Terror…” (1 Kings 18:14)


With all the Lord’s blessings, I would be more elated had I accomplished much more for the Lord. Whether is it my vision, doctrinal position, or characteristics that have prevented many thousands, to which I have ministered, to continue under this ministry-is it the will of God that He has placed a limit on my work? If I knew what must change, I would change it. God alone is my refuge and strength. I am greatly appreciative of everyone God has allowed to touch my life whether positively or negatively; whether they meant well or not. I have learned that this is for the making of all of us.


Every step that we have made every property that we acquired, every soul which we have won and ministered to, every office held, have been ordained, and directed by the Lord. I am a debtor to all who have in any way assisted, prayed for me, labored with me, and supported me, most of all I am a debtor to the Lord!


To God be the glory for the things he continues to do in my life!



Bishop Dr. Earl Parchia