Suffragan Bishop Designate Monica Parchia Price

Suffragan Bishop Designate Monica Parchia Price is a true servant of the Lord and a true lover of the people.  She is a humble servantleader whose passion is to get others to discover the purpose in life and come home to the Kingdom of God.  Week after week, she pours God's love to the people through her, in hopes they will experience the glory of God and thirst after Him intentionally.

Pastor Parchia Price is the youngest of 5 children, who took over the leadership of Mt. Zion Assembly Healing Temple after her mother, District Elder Cora L. Parchia and her father, Bishop Earl Parchia Sr. went on to be with the Lord in Glory.  She was not new to ministry, for her father trained her up as a child to serve, and she was a world traveling evangelist, preaching the word of God to the multitudes.

Pastor Parchia Price is happily married to Elder Ricky Price Sr., the Honorable One.  Together, they serve and feed the people of Zion and Milwaukee with a God given passion.

Elder Ricky Price Sr., the Honorable One

Elder Ricky Price Sr. is an energizing servant of the Lord.  He has a passion for the ministry and is not afraid to give glory to God wherever he is.  He is the first smiling face you see at Mt Zion. 

Elder Price is the loving father of 5 wonderful children and grandfather of 4 grandchildren.  After working many years under the spiritual leadership of his mother, the Late Pastor Ada Price, Founder of The Power House of Deliverance Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc., Elder Ricky Price Sr., became a member of the ministerial staff of Mt. Zion Assembly Healing Temple.  He loved Bishop Earl Parchia Sr. and District Elder Cora Parchia and fell in love with their daughter, now pastor District Elder Monica Parchia Price.  Now the dynamic duo is here to take us further into the Kingdom of God.

"We're not just a church, we're a nation!"  "Nevertheless, whereto we have already attained, let us walk by the same rule, let us mind the same thing."